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Milestone Payment

Milestone Based Payments

Break your project into clearly defined milestones. Clearly set expectations and assign a value to each milestone to build a transparent payment route.

Fund In

Advance Fund-In

As a process on Moonlyte, milestones are supposed to be funded before they begin. With our dashboard you can monitor the payment status of all your milestones.

Work and Get Paid

Payment Guarantee

One of the payment options available on the platform is the Moonlyte Payment Guarantee. With it Moonlyte guarantees you payment within 15 days of the milestone end date.


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Sign up with Moonlyte with your email ID and phone number. This will help us update you when there are important updates and new projects that match your skills.

Apply Projects



Complete your profile by uploading your CV and apply to projects that interest you. Profiles with a high completion rate and more information are preferred by clients.

Work and Get Paid



Work with the client and monitor your payments here on Moonlyte. Moonlyte’s milestone based payments helps build contracts that are transparent and easy to use.


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