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to organize employment disruption by serving businesses and society to build meaningful work-lives

to put India on a global leadership map in this category

Nobby Nazareth


Nobby started his career as a Public sector banker for a decade, after which he moved into HR with leadership firms like Personnel Search Services/Ray & Berndtson and Hewitt Associates. Prior to starting off on his own in 2001, Nobby was the Chief Recruitment Officer for Microland group based in Bangalore. With an equally balanced experience in professional services and entrepreneurship, Nobby is focused on organising disruptions in the HR space, particularly by leveraging technology and the intelligence around it. Over the years, his focus on creating and leaving behind footprints has led to the building of the Moonlyte brand. He believes that India has many skills that have the potential of being market leaders globally and hopes to offer Moonlyte as a tool to leverage this global opportunity to the diaspora in India.

Nobby is an avid squash player and loves to ruminate about nature and its beauty.

A rare combination to find, methodical and innovative are two qualities that describe Manikandan in a nutshell. Having led several strategic initiatives in ANZ, Infosys, Philips, Manikandan has created numerous software products over two decades, while he is still ever on the hunt to find solutions that will help people live better lives. "Technology is the mantra the world needs" is the mantra of Manikandan.

With the sun, Manikandan rises to work. Once the sun sets, he is all for dogs, cats, swimming and his own spiritual upliftment.

Nicolai is a design thinker with a strong belief that creativity and innovation are not just an enigmatic force but a discipline and a methodology. Having graduated from the Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Nicolai has experience in various verticals of design, right from film at Nirvana Films to talent branding at Inmobi. This gives him a wholistic perspective of users and their behaviour patterns as he implements design methodologies from a strategic angle. Relying on User Centric Design Principles as core strength to developing new ideas, he is always excited to be challenged on his thoughts, learn something new and he never stops asking 'Why?'

In his downtime Nicolai enjoys playing Ultimate Frisbee, playing with animals and doodling on any piece of paper he can get his hands on.

Moonlyte team members
Innovative, Perfectionists & Relentless

These are the words that come to mind when you look at the team working tirelessly to make Moonlyte what it is. With the average age of the team at twenty eight and the combined industry experience of the co-founders exceeding eighty years, you get the perfect combination of undying energy being directed with insightful purpose.