8 freelance career options for freshers/beginners

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Most students in their final year of college fantasize about leaving campus armed with a job offer and a handsome salary package. The reality however is quite different. It can be disheartening to find yourself with a sound college degree but no job. However, take heart! In today’s world, there are scores of freelancing jobs for beginners. Here’s a list of freelance jobs in India for freshers:

Freelancing jobs for beginners

1. Writing & Editing

If you’ve always had a way with words or the reputation of being a Grammar Nazi, this could be your newfound calling. Writing and editing do not require any formal training and the internet offers ample opportunities for new writers to make their mark. Freelance content writers can progressively move into SEO, content marketing or content strategy.

2. Product, Software, and App Testing If you have a technical background and are familiar with the basics of database/SQL, Linux commands and scripting, you could make your career by identifying bugs in apps, products or software. Every testing project is a goldmine for learning and testers go on to specialise in automation or performance testing, become business analysts and even head teams in typical CMMI level 5 companies.

3. Web Developer

When you get into finding freelance jobs online for beginners, you’ll be surprised at how many people started developing websites with no technical background. Eventually however, you'd need to understand the basics of coding and markup language, Javascript, the basics of Photoshop and even SEO.

4. Website tester

Website testers evaluate a website on several parameters, including its usability, responsiveness, programming, and security issues. If you understand software architectural concepts and workflows, can create technical documentation which can be applied to different software frameworks and know HTML or other programming languages, you may want to consider this career.

5. Web and Graphic Designing

If you have an eye for colours and an intuitive understanding of visual principles, you may want to explore a career in graphic designing. Successful designers are skilled in using various software, are familiar with typography and visual principles, understand the basics of coding for the web and even understand what would enhance user experience and help drive conversions.

6. Android or iPhone Developer

With the growing demand for apps, mobile developers are a new breed of software developers specialising in mobile technologies. They are conversant with the programming languages for their chosen platform (eg Objective-C for iOS, Java for Android and C# for Windows). Since this space is always in change mode, developers will need to stay abreast emerging technologies.

7. Network Technicians

Network technicians have a basic understanding of encryption and cryptography standards, can manage Linux and Unix platforms and have an aptitude for the technical. As companies rely increasingly on networks to improve their collaboration and communication both within and outside the organisation, qualified technicians who can offer competitive rates are highly in demand.

8. Remote Support Specialist

By its very nature, these roles are remotely based. You’d mostly be responding to phone and email requests. Occasionally, you’d need to make site visits to resolve a problem in person. If you’re just starting out, you might even consider being part of a home-based call center, responding to simple questions and walking customers through basic troubleshooting steps.

While pursuing freelance jobs online for beginners in India could be an unconventional route, remember that your learning curve as an entrepreneur is very likely to be as high as or higher than your 9-5 peers.

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