5 great reasons to freelance after your degree in India

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You’ve spent the last few years looking forward to getting your degree, your first job and your first salary. Now, you finally have a degree and are actively looking for jobs. You attend one interview, and then another and another. After a while, you begin to wonder what it is about you that puts employers off. You find that you were too late and another fresher has walked away with the job. Or your hopeful response to the call for a walk-in ended up with a five-hour wait alongside a hundred other hopefuls!

Being a fresher in the current Indian job market can be difficult. You need to be able to convince potential employers that you are employable and that is a tall order because the unwelcome truth is that many freshers in India are highly unemployable according to the National Employability Report [1]. However, this is not the end of the story. An increasingly large number of freelance jobs are available online for beginners. Most freelancing jobs for beginners are directly or indirectly linked to their stream of specialization.

Here are a few great reasons to begin freelancing after your degree:

  • Looks great on your resume
  • When you finally get that interview call you’ve been longing for, the fact that you’ve been freelancing will speak volumes in your favour. It portrays you as having been resourceful and gainfully engaged.

  • Builds up your expertise and network
  • Often, a stint at freelancing helps you pick up related skills. Kavya Thambi freelanced with a news syndicate after she graduated. The freelance job helped hone her writing skills and led to her first ‘real’ job with a PR agency.

    “It was not directly related but the fact that I had some media contacts and the ability to write assured my employer that I would be able to help at least with drafting press releases,” she says.

  • Gets you tuned in to work discipline
  • Workplace rules and disciplines are very different from college. Freelancing teaches you time management, communication, negotiation and a host of other transferable soft skills. It is, in short, a great training ground that can prep you for the rigours of the corporate world.

  • Helps you figure out the next steps in your career
  • Despite the advantages of being associated with a brand and getting a steady pay package, corporate roles can be extremely hierarchical and strait-jacketed. It could be years before a fresher is trusted with a responsible role. Freelancers however have to chart their own course and while they may miss out on the predictability and stability of a full-time job, they gain insight into the real marketplace ahead of their peers. From this vantage point, freelancers often find other areas that they want to specialise in or branch out to.

  • Gives you financial independence
  • Above all, if you do want a full-time job, rather than being idle while waiting for it, wouldn’t it be great to gain some quick experience and earn money while you are at it? There are scores of freelance jobs online for beginners that have the potential to turn into full-time careers.

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[1] https://www.aspiringminds.com/national-employability-report-2019

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