Tips to manage three jobs at a time

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Anubha George works as a legal consultant for a large corporate house. After clocking in hours at this job, she heads off to an after-school program at a day care centre near her office where she teaches drama, thrice a week. Anubha is also a well-known voice artist in her city and lends her voice to commercial jigs on radio and TV. In a month, she gets about two to three voice-over assignments. Anubha has just started her fourth job, running a legal consultancy blog, which she hopes to monetize gradually!

Anubha is just one among the many millennials who manage parallel careers for various reasons. For some, this reason could be financial. For others, like Anubha, their main job could be related to their area of professional training while the other jobs could be related to their passion.

With the increase in freelancing opportunities and the corresponding increase in living costs, having a side hustle or two is becoming the norm. Apart from the extra cash, it’s also a guarantee against layoffs or sudden economic downturns. If you’ve been contemplating a second or third job but are concerned about managing time, here are a few time management tips to help you multitask better:

  1. Have firm dividers

  2. When you have multiple jobs, it’s tempting to allow them to merge and meld depending on convenience. When you’re up against a freelancing deadline for instance, you may be tempted to finish it off at your full-time workplace. While this might seem reasonable at the beginning, it can cause undue stress after a while. A golden rule to follow would be to make sure that you are mentally available at the job where you are physically placed!

  3. Plan the entire week

  4. To improve your time management skills, take some time off during the weekend to plan your coming week. Block out activities on a synced calendar so that you don’t drop the ball at any of your multiple jobs. Chalk in your personal activities too. Often, when you’re working several jobs, maintaining relationships can require intentional effort.

    Clearly indicate on the calendar which activities are non-negotiable and which can be dropped or rescheduled. This gives you some leeway in case a few activities take longer than planned.

  5. Choose jobs that are different

  6. Choosing to do more of the same thing can be boring and often, the sheer boredom can lead to stress. For instance, if you’re working as a copywriter at an ad agency and also writing copy on a freelance basis, your entire life would revolve around writing and you’d soon face burnout.

Instead, find a job that is slightly or even completely different. For instance, with your good language skills, you could consider tutoring or translating. Or you could consider dabbling in media projects or running social media campaigns.

If you have a technical job like coding, you may want to consider becoming a freelance writer and selling how-to guides on your core area of expertise. Or like Anubha, you could try monetizing one or more of your hobbies.

It may also help to choose secondary jobs that are more flexible and offer you the freedom to reschedule. Freelance jobs allow you to decide how much extra you want to take on.

If you’re wondering how to go about a parallel career, take the first step. Participate in this exciting contest and get an opportunity to land your first freelancing gig!

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