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You’ve finally landed yourself an interview with the client. Well done! Most freelance job postings attract a lot of responses—both from full-time freelancers as well as salaried employees hoping to earn a side-income. Having made it thus far through the ranks prove that in some ways, the odds are already in your favour.

Well-meaning friends and family members could be overwhelming you with job interview advice that is contradictory. If you’ve been wondering what job interview advice you should heed and what you should filter out, read these tried and tested job interview tips from other freelancers.

Read job interview tips from other freelancers

1. Study the role:

Familiarise yourself with the job description. If the job posting is not clear on the details, browse the web for similar profiles. Study the top skills required and be prepared to share examples of your expertise in these areas. If there are gaps that come up during the interview, let the client know that while you do not have hands-on experience in these areas, they are opportunities for learning that you look forward to. Give examples that will assure him/her that you’re a quick learner.You will be taxed on your net income and not on your gross. Your gross is an aggregate of all payments received in lieu of your product, service or profession between April 1st and March 31st of the financial year, while the net income is technically your profit.

2. Be clear about the messaging:

This is one of the best interview tips you’ll ever hear! Think of your time with the interviewer as an exercise in branding, where YOU are the brand! The end goal of branding is to remain top of mind with consumers and win their trust and loyalty. What are the top three impressions you want to leave behind? What can you share about yourself that will make you stand out?Note:Some people can sell themselves effortlessly, while others may feel uncomfortable with ‘self-promotion’. If you fall in the latter category, remind yourself that this is a branding exercise!

3. Steer the conversation to impact:

Instead of merely describing activities you’ve done in the past, talk about the end result. For instance, if you are an SEO expert, be prepared to share details of tangible outcomes that your clients have experienced. It is also a good idea to keep on hand your top references and to share testimonials received from other business associates and clients.

4. Showcase your work where possible:

Depending on the nature of your work, be prepared to share a portfolio. If the interview is face to face, you could carry hard copies of your work or show it on your laptop. If the interview is online, send digital samples ahead of the interview.

5. Don’t undersell yourself:

Do your homework beforehand on the compensation you expect. Some freelancers have a rate card while others prefer to evaluate the work required before they spell out the rate, and still others charge on an hourly basis. Research rates for similar roles before quoting your price. If your rate is likely to be higher than the market average, be prepared to explain why you charge what you do and the value-add the client would get by hiring you.

At the end of the day, remember that your interviewer and you share a common goal—solving a problem. If you can prove that you’re the problem-solver for the task at hand, you’d walk home with the job! Show employers that you’re ahead of the game by scoring high on this interesting contest!

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