How to use Moonlyte as a freelancer?

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So, you’ve created your account and you’re looking to get your first project as a freelancer on Moonlyte but you’re not sure what to do. Well don’t fret, that’s exactly what we’re here to tell you.

Complete your profile:

Completing your profile doesn’t just mean filling the mandatory fields. You need to put as much information as you can out there for people to see. Every business wants to know who you are before hiring you, so make sure they aren’t left wondering about anything.

It is also very important to fill in as many skills as possible in your account. Moonlyte runs on a matching engine that has a base in skills, so the more accurate you are about your skills the better the matches you will get.

Other than this you may help enhance your profile by setting up a portfolio under the ‘documents’ section. Whether it’s art, graphic design, research papers or even a certificate you have been awarded, upload those documents you think might help a business decide that you’re the right person for their project.

Verify your information:

As a principle Moonlyte aims to provide a safe and secure platform for all its participants to transact on. To do this one of the protocols necessary is the verification of certain information which includes your PAN, GSTIN (if you are eligible for it) and your bank account details. This helps assure your identity and make sure all transactions are not just secure but are also statutorily compliant.

To hold up this principle, if you haven’t verified your information, you will be able to apply to the various projects that match your skills but you will not be able to accept any offers that a business might send you.

Apply to projects:

Now that all your information is ready, start applying to projects. Under the ‘Find Projects’ tab where we will show you projects that match your skills, so click that apply button and let a client know why you’re the best person for this project. Some projects may be elaborate so as a precursor the business may have set up one or two challenges for you to answer to gauge your capability. This is a good chance to give a business a view into your process, thinking and just how thorough you are. So, answer them well and show everyone why you are the best candidate for this project.

In addition to that, once a client has sent you an offer, you can then talk to the client using Team Up and discuss the terms of your contract or anything else that you might think is important before you start working together.

Accepting and being Onboarded onto Projects:

Only a business has the capability to build an official contract and send it to you. You will be able to see all these offers (whether you applied for that project or a business has spotted you and wants you to take it up) under your “Offered” tab. You can either accept or reject these offers, but before you do either, ALWAYS read the milestones and the details involved. Check the amounts on the milestone and the dates listed as the duration for completion of said milestones.

Once you have accepted the offer, it goes back to the client to “Onboard” you.

Please note that only once a buyer has Onboarded you and the project has moved to the “Payment Guaranteed” tab does the Moonlyte payment guarantee come into effect. To know more about how the payment process works click here .

Communicate constantly:

Whenever you are working on a project it is always a good idea to communicate continuously with the client. This not only helps keep the client up to date on the project but also reduces the likelihood of misunderstandings arising. While communicating with the client we would urge you to keep all communication using our online collaboration tools only. In the extreme case of a dispute arising at some point the only form of proof that will be accepted will be that that has taken place on the platform. So, whether it’s submitting a file or clarifying details about the project, use our platform to keep things running smoothly.

So now that you know the best ways to use our platform, go ahead and get those projects flowing in. Increase your portfolio, increase your experience and increase your income. Give your career as an independent worker a boost on Moonlyte today.

Of course the best way to use Moonlyte is to constantly use Moonlyte. It has direct benefits that just keep on compounding. To know why you should only sell your skills on Moonlyte click here .

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