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The Gig economy is a tough landscape to navigate. There are an umpteen number of obstacles to dance around and none of those even include the work you do. Marketing your skills, finding new clients, chasing behind payments (if you even get paid at all), trying to build a reputation, and growing your network… the list is endless.

Moonlyte listened to all of that and built you a space where we take care of the noise and you sell your skills as a freelancer through your work. Whether it’s finding you ideal project matches or taking care of the administrative jobs like invoices and taxes, we want you to spend your time on what you are amazing at: your job!

Well, now we want to tell you exactly how journeying on Moonlyte is to your benefit.


It’s tough enough trying to land those first few gigs without having to chase behind payments for months on end (if you get paid at all, that is). It’s unfair and Moonlyte backs you up on that a hundred percent.

If you have worked, you will get paid. That’s our promise to you. You get the money on the date it was promised to you, straight into your bank account. Now you don’t have to worry about those ever-looming financial commitments. Our payment guarantee mechanism is built to give you what is yours, no strings attached, no terms and conditions, no take-backs, nothing.

To understand how our payment mechanism works, click here .

Perfect Matches!

Gone are the old days of networking and wooing clients for months before landing that project. Moonlyte is built to ensure you get matched with the right buyer for your skill. You don’t have to spend any more time finding freelance clients, waiting for introductions and inroads for clients or for clients to find you. We find them for you. All you have to do is choose.

More Gigs!

The more projects you’ve completed, the more projects you’ll get. The Moonlyte engine is built to ensure optimized matching of buyers to sellers. By taking on more projects, you show us that you’re not just relevant but in demand. Working on the platform regularly increases your visibility which in turn increase the chances of you getting your next gig.

Another thing that happens with the more gigs you get is you get more reviews. Reviews are like a log of what a great seller you are and increases your chances of scoring that next gig exponentially.

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