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How to increase your visibility

Getting that first Project is often one of the slowest things to happen when you’re starting to freelance or even starting to freelance on a new platform. However, once you get that ball rolling, you know it is completely worth the effort. The key to growing your clientele and the number of projects coming in can largely lie on two criteria.

Reputation and Visibility.

Visibility is a whole other ball game on Moonlyte, it’s complicated and confusing the way our matching engine works, so we’ve decided to give you a tour guided sneak peek behind the curtains to help you understand it. Here are some things you can do to get better visibility to clients:

Verify your Information:

Moonlyte believes in creating a safe and secure environment for all it’s participants. That’s why we offer you the payment guarantee. It’s also why we verify your information, it ensures that any and all transactions are secure and authentic. Your PAN, GSTIN and bank details are essential details to make sure transactions are not fraudulent and also to ensure they are tax compliant.

We believe verified information is critical in giving a client the confidence to hire a seller, which is why you are not even visible to a Buyer till you verify your information. So, go ahead and verify that information and let those Buyers see what you have to offer!

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Complete your Profile:

Completing your profile is crucial in helping Buyers decide whether you will be the right person for the job. Whether it’s your education or work history, uploading certificates of recognition or setting up a portfolio, every little detail helps the Buyer get to know the real you a little better.

One of the most important aspects of this is setting up your skills. The Moonlyte matching engine is based on matching a Buyer’s need to a Seller’s skill. Make sure you do a thorough job of it so that you don’t miss out on any offers that are relevant to you.

High Rating and Reviews:

Other than just building yourself a good reputation, rating and reviews directly impact your visibility. By maintaining a high rating and review consistently, you will automatically be pushed closer to the head of the queue, making you not only visible but one of the first things the Buyer sees.

Other than just doing a good job (which is an absolute must) it’s also about the number of projects you have taken on. The more you work the more up to date you are with your area of expertise. This gives Buyers the confidence to choose you for their project. So, make sure that you work consistently and bump up those numbers on your profile.

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So now that you know the inside track, the trade secrets and how to bag those projects successfully, go ahead and skyrocket your freelance career with Moonlyte!

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