One of the most wide-spread complaints freelancers have is having to chase down payments once a project is completed. It is awkward and embarrassing having to constantly remind someone to pay you, and you feel it might be putting a strain on what could be a long-term business relationship. Of course, with new clients you run the risk of not getting paid at all.

If you’re reading this article, then you’re most likely one of these two types of people: You’ve already faced this problem of freelancer payment, or the fear of this problem is one of the things that’s keeping you from freelancing. Well you’ve shouted for change and we’ve heard you loud and clear.

If you worked then you will get paid. That’s our promise to you. No strings attached, no terms and conditions, no take-backs. The amount you agreed to work for will hit your bank account on the date it was promised (Please note that the ‘promised date’ is 15 days after the ed of the milestone). So, whether it’s simply paying an electricity bill on time or preparing to take on an investment, let that assurance of money coming to you calm those jittery nerves.

Let us tell you how the mechanism works.

Once you and the business have agreed upon the price and milestones (using Team Up), the business sends you an offer which you must accept. After you have accepted the offer the business must onboard you. It is at this point that the project will move under the “Payment Guaranteed” tab. It is only after projects are moved here that the Moonlyte Payment Guarantee comes into effect.

Any contract that is taken up on Moonlyte comes with the Payment Guarantee and works in a similar manner to a post-dated cheque There is no way for a client to change his mind or try to delay the payment. So now you can stop worrying about getting paid and concentrate on what you should be concentrating on. Producing masterful work.

That’s the process in a nutshell but we realize the complexities of a working relationship are never quite that simple. So, we have built in a few features and safeguards to ensure that this mechanism helps augment work and not inhibit it.

While we feel that you getting paid on time is something that is not negotiable, businesses also require a way to make sure they get the work that they want. That’s why they rate and rank you after every project. Your rating and ranking is something you should be very careful about as it not only shows on your public profile and can help swing a new client’s opinion of you, but it is also directly fed into our match-making engine and your visibility takes a hit with every bad rating and review you receive. So, make sure that you keep a client happy, or it could end up costing you a lot more than just one payment.

To read more on how to manage your visibility click here .

Of course, while working there is always a chance of unexpected turns and delays being thrown up, and you might need some extra time to complete that particular milestone in your agreement. Well that’s exactly why we built in a provision for you to request that the milestone be extended. Sometimes just that little bit of extra work can make a world of difference and keep you in the business’ good books. To read about how project and milestone extensions and cancellations work click here .

In an ideal work scenario, you would have accepted an offer from a client, with predefined milestones as well as the dates those milestones are due. You do all the work, the client is happy, you get paid, rated, reviewed, and the project ends. However things don’t always work out so smoothly.

If you feel you have not done good enough work and don’t want to take a negative rating and review, you can talk to the business on Team Up and figure out if there is some way you can fix it or whether they would like a refund.

This raises the last question: when should you refund the money?

That decision is completely in your hands. It’s how our payment guarantee is structured to suit your needs. If you feel you have done good work and deserve the payment, then you get paid, simple as that.

If you feel you haven’t done a good job or would rather not take a hit on your rating, reviews and visibility, then you can refund the money. If you do decide to refund the client this will have to take place outside Moonlyte as we don’t facilitate that.

So, in conclusion, do good work and get paid. It’s as simple as that.

PLEASE NOTE: Moonlyte does not intercede on subjective matters but only definitive, objective violations of the contract This is why we strongly advise you to keep any and all communications on the platform using our online collaboration tools (Team Up) including the transfer of files, so that any disputes can be settled by Moonlyte with a definite set of records. Any records of communication outside of the platform will not be entertained by the Moonlyte Grievance Officer.

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