What’s the best way to use Moonlyte as a business?

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The potential of crowd-sourcing talent is tremendous, and Deloitte pegs the emerging Contingent Workforce as one of the seven major disruptors in Industry 4.0. That may sound like paradise, but the real-life scenario isn’t always that simple. Filtering out freelancers to find the right one is one of the most time-consuming tasks and isn’t as effective as you would like it to be.

The reality of the current scenario is that the majority of freelancers in today’s world are not up to the mark in terms of quality, and the good ones are tough to spot. That is why Moonlyte has a robust freelancer payment process that offers a payment guarantee. The assurance of payment addresses one of the biggest problems freelancers face today. Paying freelancers on time not only draws in good talent in the market but converts and pulls in more top talent in full-time jobs looking to do more than just the regular nine to five. So, take your pick from the best talent available in the market today sitting on our rosters and get your work done today.

So here is how the payment mechanism works:

After posting a project, Moonlyte will show you ideal matches for your needs and freelancers will have applied for the project by themselves too. After shortlisting the freelancers, you think fit the bill the best, and discussing the contract details, it will be time to make the freelancer an offer. It is only at the time of sending an offer will you be asked to create a project contract with well-defined milestones, due date and payments for those milestones. As opposed to most other sites’ freelance payment options, we don’t take your money in advance and park it with us. It’s a terrible way to manage your funds. At the time of onboarding a freelancer, we only communicate about the agreed-upon funds with your bank (just like using a post-dated cheque). So, the money still sits with you while that project or particular milestone is ongoing, and only releases at the time on the date that was agreed upon.

Of course, we understand that, in an ideal world, things would move in the flow mentioned above but reality is far from ideal. Which is why we have built in certain mechanisms to ensure you get the kind of work you want.

We realise there are various circumstances where milestone deadlines need to be extended. A milestone extension can only be initiated by a freelancer, so you can communicate with them using our collaboration tool - Team Up. Just get in touch with them, negotiate the new timelines and they can send out a milestone extension request to you.

If a freelancer has not completed the milestone in a satisfactory manner, you may request a refund from the freelancer (this must be done outside of Moonlyte as we do not facilitate that). Whether or not that money refunded by the freelancer is a decision that rests completely in the hands of the freelancer. The balance of control does come back into your hands is in the rating and review. Not only does leaving a negative review and rating sit directly in their public profile (which stop them from getting their next few clients), but the Moonlyte matching engine directly reads bad ratings and reviews and drops their visibility to new potential clients. This particular mechanism has been proven to reduce delinquency rates globally, and is seen as a behaviour regulating standard in the digital and platform based economies of the world. Moonlyte also ensures that before any freelancer is able to accept any contract sent to him by you, he has to have his identity verified. By having verified the identity of every single freelancer that you see, there is no chance of an individual who has defaulted, re-entering the platform and transacting through a pseudo ID.

In a nutshell, the global trend is that most freelancers would rather give up the money than deliver a bad project and take a bad review, and the mechanisms we have built reduce the risk to negligible amounts while allowing you to keep your project and it’s contract flexible.

If by any chance you feel something illegal or unethical has taken place, or has directly broken the contract between you and them, or they have violated the Moonlyte freelance payment terms, please file a complaint with our grievance officers, who will assist you in any and all ways that they can.

PLEASE NOTE: Moonlyte does not intercede on subjective matters like quality of output but only definitive, objective violations of the contract, like a complete lack of delivery. This is why we strongly advise you to keep any and all communications on the platform using our online collaboration tools (Team Up) including the transfer of files, so that any disputes can be settled by Moonlyte with a definite set of records.

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