Why hire a freelancer?

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Traditional economy is being redefined today by what economists have dubbed the gig economy. Increasingly, a highly-skilled workforce is choosing to opt out of the constraints of corporate life to work on a per-project basis. Highly evolved remote technologies make it possible for this versatile workforce to overcome the challenges of space and time zones, if not time.

If you’ve been wondering whether you should hire a freelancer or opt for an in-house resource, let’s help you settle the debate. Here are eight great reasons why you should hire a freelancer:

Reasons why you should hire a freelancer


Companies that work with freelancers cut costs by almost 30%. They only pay the freelancer for the completed project without having to absorb additional costs like insurance or health benefits. If the freelancer works remotely, they’d even be able to save on office supplies and space.

Subject matter expertise

One person alone may not be an expert in everything required from a particular profile. For example, your company may need to produce videos, maintain blogs, oversee the website and develop marketing collaterals. Finding a candidate who is an ‘expert’ in each of these niches would be extremely difficult. Besides, the candidate may not be required to do all of these activities on an ongoing basis. Hiring different freelancers, as and when required, would be much more cost-effective.

Reduced headcount

Sometimes, companies may be required to keep their head count low to avail of tax benefits associated with smaller companies or to comply with certain legislative measures. Freelancers can help you get your work done without having to add to your company’s headcount.

Accessibility to a global talent pool

What if your perfect hire lived halfway across the globe? Imagine the costs associated with relocation and the paperwork required by a visa. Hiring an international freelancer however would require little to no paperwork.

Quick turnaround time

Employees often have more than one task on their plate, making it extremely challenging for them to give undivided attention to any one project. Freelancers excel at short-term projects and they’re unlikely to take on projects they’ve no time for as their reputation (and chances of repeat business) is on the line.

Great industry connections

Yet another reason why you should hire a freelancer is that many of them come with great networking skills. Networking is crucial for a freelancer to survive, especially in specialized fields. Often, they will be able to introduce you to the who’s who of your industry.

Fresh perspective

Perhaps because of all the time spent within your company, FTEs tend to speak your company language. A freelancer, on the other hand, has worked with diverse clients and brings in new ideas and visions, helping your team move out of status quo.

Trial time

Have you heard of companies who’ve hired a person only to find that they were unhappy with the hire? Some companies have a probationary period, but this is usually lower down in the ranks. A freelance engagement allows you to work on a couple of projects before you decide to continue or terminate the relationship. And in cases of termination, there is no severance package!

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