How do we curate our freelancers?

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The fourth industrial revolution is upon us and the business landscape is changing at an unprecedented speed. New technology is transforming everything right from organizational work cultures to the definitions of agility and adaptability. The only thing every CEO is gunning for now is making sure they are future ready.

Building and utilizing a liquid workforce for your business needs is one of the key disrupting factors for the Future of Work. The gig economy offers a diverse set of skills at your fingertips, to aid your business in being agile while maintaining profitability.

Even after vetting someone in multiple rounds for a full time Job, there is no guarantee of delivery. Possibly the biggest impediment in the utilization of the gig economy, is the uncertainty that lies with trusting somebody external with a new project. The risk involved in this is not incentivizing enough for most to be willing to take that risk.

This is where we come in.

Moonlyte curates the Freelancers that we present to you, to help give you a clearer picture on who that person is and have a reasonable expectation of what they can do for you. Let us tell you about our process.

The first step is verification. Any Freelancer who you see has been verified to ensure that you are not taking any risks with pseudonyms and false identities. Their identity, PAN and GSTIN have all been checked not only to ensure they are who they say they are, but to make sure that all transactions follow all statutory compliances and help ease out your TDS and GST filings.

But just because a person is who they say they are, does not mean they are matched to your skill requirements. We have our own matching algorithm that helps us find that Goldilocks candidate for you (they meet all your project requirements just right). Still not convinced? Well we give you the opportunity to test your candidates before you hire them. While posting the project you have the option of adding a challenge that every applicant must fill while applying to your project. Create thequestions you want for each project and choose the candidates that suit your project the best. No more guessing, get quality people in real time.

While setting up challenges it is good to keep in mind the kind of talent you are looking to bring on. If the role is very technical you could test the depth of their knowledge and problem-solving abilities. If the role needs more of strategy you could test their critical thinking and creativity.

One thing you might want to keep in mind is the amount of effort required to answer these challenges. If the effort is a lot when the duration or size of the project isn’t extensive, they might not feel it worth their time and might not apply to your project at all.

So, whether you’re a large organization, an entrepreneur or anything else in between, let Moonlyte help you take control of your future in the Future of Work.

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