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The concept

We at Moonlyte believe that the current global method of rating and reviewing is a good way of assessing someone’s skills, however it isn’t completely holistic. A rating a review method of evaluation is only talking about someone’s capability to execute but does not give you a picture about a person’s subject matter expertise.

As an example, two people with the same skill set could have a very similar star rating, however one might be a ground level executive while the other might be a strategist. The difference between the first and the second is the ability of the second to analyze and creatively problem solve will be far superior. The ability to do this in your skill set can make a big difference in determining your value add to a project, and even the value you can charge for a project.

So far in the industry subject matter expertise has been assessed through standardized tests however this is still a flawed method as skill sets evolve and transform on a day-to-day basis. They also rarely assess your ability to solve real world problems.

Enter ProCap. A platform to establish your Professional Capability.

We believe that the best way for your expertise in your domain to be established is by a group of your peers. ProCap is a platform where you put up posts in the media of your choice and let your peers evaluate how good or bad it is.

It is a platform for your subject matter expertise to be crowd curated and even be given a score.

Why should you participate?

The answer is plain and simple – to increase your visibility with clients on Moonlyte. The better you do on ProCap, the higher our algorithm ranks you and makes you more visible to clients.

There is also a second reason, to earn more coins. Coins allow you to apply to projects, so when you’ve run out of coins the only way to earn more is by participating on ProCap. The better you perform on ProCap, the more coins you can earn and in turn the more projects you can apply to.

So what do you need to do?

The objective is to increase your subject matter expertise score (this will be visible on your profile). The only way to increase your score is by interacting with your peers and having your peers interact with you in turn.

The first thing you should do is build up your network by sending connection requests and accepting them. The larger your network the more likely you are to have a successful experience on ProCap.

As far as your behaviour on the platform goes, the following should help you get a better idea:

  1. Consume: ProCap is a platform full of content in different forms of media, whether written content, images, gifs or even videos. Consume the content on the platform and grow your knowledge by reading other people’s thoughts and ideas.
  2. Interact: As you consume the content generated by Moonlyte and your peers you should also interact with the content and your community of peers. If you enjoyed the content, then upvote it. If you disagreed with it, then downvote it or leave a comment. Have an interesting opinion on the topic, then leave it as a comment. Start new threads of conversations and interact with your community. If you’re having a problem with your work and want some doubts answered, raise the issue with your community. Leave a question and let your peers help you out. A collective knowledge is now available at your finger tips, so take advantage of it and learn from your peers. Similarly if you see a question you know the answer to help your peers out by answering them or pushing them toward the right direction.
  3. Curate: Just as you consume with your peers you must also give back to the community. Share articles, images or videos you find interesting from outside the platform to your community on ProCap. Found an interesting TED talk or a great tutorial? Share it with your peers. By providing high quality content and letting your peers review it (through upvotes and comments) you will automatically increase your score
  4. Contribute: Create something to share with your peer group, it could be articles, illustrations you’ve made, videos you have created, etc. Create content for the platform and release it on the community. Upvotes and comments will help you grow your score on ProCap.
  5. Moderate: ProCap is a platform where professionals gather and contribute content that relates to their field of expertise. It is very important that the content shared on the platform relates to a professional environment. Establishing this behaviour as the right behaviour is crucial. If you see content that you think is inappropriate, irrelevant, plagiarized or unethical in anyway then report it.

So that sums up everything you need to know about how to grow your subject matter expertise on ProCap and to use them same on Moonlyte. So get cracking and show the world how good you are at what you do.

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